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October 01 2016

Dipinto Galaxie 4 De

Dipinto Galaxie 4 Deluxe Sonic Blue Electric Guitar Limited Edition, only 4 made

September 28 2016

Fernandes Crystal gl

Fernandes Crystal glass electric guitar

McPherson guitars

McPherson guitars

Classic Fender Strat

Classic Fender Stratocaster

Andy Mason Blackbird

Andy Mason Blackbird Acoustic

Gibson Skunk Baxter

Gibson Skunk Baxter Firebird in Copper. Ability to switch on all 3 buckers on a once.

July 10 2015

Gretsch Duo Jet

Gretsch Duo Jet

Miranda Guitars - CF

Miranda Guitars - CFX-200

Kopo Guitare NUMA 20

Kopo Guitare NUMA 2000

July 07 2015

Adolph Rickenbacker

Adolph Rickenbacker is the inventer of the first modern amplifiable electric guitar. Many people think that Les Paul invented the first electric guitar. This is false. Les Paul came up with the first solid body electric guitar.

July 02 2015

prs - private stock

prs - private stock experience - hollowbody II.

July 01 2015

Chapman Guitars ML-3

Chapman Guitars ML-3 RC - One of the most beautifully understated guitars I've ever seen.

1959 Gibson Byrdland

1959 Gibson Byrdland

June 27 2015

GUILD Doyle Dykes Si

GUILD Doyle Dykes Signature Acoustic Electric Guitar - Signed | Small White Mouse

June 26 2015

Django Reinhardt's 1

Django Reinhardt's 1936 Selmer Modèle Jazz.

RT Custom Guitars

RT Custom Guitars

June 25 2015

Antonio de Torres |

Antonio de Torres | 1857

June 21 2015

Fret King Ventura

Fret King Ventura

June 20 2015

Goulding Guitars #9

Goulding Guitars #9 Polished Haze
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